Commissions and Collaborations

Commissioning is the process of hiring a composer to create a new work of music. Many (if not most) of the most memorable pieces of music begin as commissions from ensembles, organizations, or even private individuals and friends.

Whether you are looking for a new orchestral, choral, or chamber piece, are thinking about a film score, or just want to commission a piece for a family member or friend (including children!), please feel free to reach out to in order to discuss your vision and timetable.

While commissioning structures and fees vary widely depending on a number of circumstances, a good starting point would be to start with the American Composers Forum commissioning guide and the NewMusicUSA commissioning fees calculator. Even if the structure seems too daunting or the fee seems too high, please reach out to anyhow, as the composer can suggest a number of grants and alternative funding options to help bring projects to fruition.